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August 12, 2011

I’ve become increasingly aware that my kids are in need of some serious boot camp.

you know the term, right?  boot camp means it’s time for us to get down to business around here and start obeying.

and not just the kids, but mommy too.  🙂

as i’ve been walking through this season of depression i have let some things go–and consistent parenting has been one of them.

oh, i don’t think i planned to let it go.  BUT, it’s obvious from the current behavior of my kids that i have.

i have had some really hard days in the past few weeks, and i think that i have let certain things slide in order to avoid having to deal with it.

such as disobedience.

some of my sweet children have “forgotten” what to do when mommy gives them an instruction.

and others have become weak in the knees and now fall to the floor when mommy says “no” to a request.

oh, and i can’t forget the way they talk to each other these days…let me tell you, if i had a dollar for every time my kids have been rude in the past two weeks alone, i could book a flight to the cayman islands–tonight. seriously.

why is it that i can so easily forget how ugly things get when i slack in consistency?

and why do i think that it’s easier to repeat myself, yell, or simply ignore disobedience?????  uuggh!

not only does it make my life miserable, but it doesn’t serve my children either.  my lack of consistency with training them is disobedience to God, pure and simple.

even when my day may be dark and really hard, i still need to be aware of my kids needs.  even if i can’t train and discipline them like i normally would, they still need attention AND correction.

by ignoring their disobedience, i am sending them the message that i don’t care enough about them to train them.  and that i don’t value obedience to God.

please don’t misunderstand me, i know that there are seasons (such as after a new baby, a death in the family, a tragedy,health, etc) in which we let things go because we’re in survival mode.  i’ve been there.

but for me, right now, i know that i am capable of training and correcting my kids–and yet, i haven’t been.  and not because i can’t, but because i haven’t wanted to deal with the stress of having to do so.

i want my kids to see jesus in me.   i want my kids to know that i love Jesus and that obeying him is my first priority.  i want that message to be very clear to them.

and i want there to be no doubt in their minds.

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