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homeschooling His way….

August 11, 2011

With the new school year quickly approaching, i have been thinking a lot about the things i would still like to have ready before we start.  some of the things on my list are necessary and others are not.

obviously, there are certain things that just need to be in place in order to get us off on a good start, such as the curriculum, pencils and notebooks for the kids to use for their subjects.

there are other things though that just don’t have to be done in order for us to start and i’ve decided to make peace with that.

instead of fretting over the possibility of not getting these things done, i’ve decided to pray about those things and trust that God will help me to accomplish what’s most important to him.

i’ve made a million excuses in my head as to why i shouldn’t start school until i have everything in place—according to my standards.  i’ve given into frustration and worry over this coming school year all because i wanted things to be “just so”.

but i’ve come to realize how unrealistic that is of me.  and in a way, i think it’s even prideful.  prideful because i am basing the success of our school year on what i make it out to be.  on wether or not i do things just right.

God didn’t call me to homeschool so that i could do things my way……he called me to do it his way.  to dedicate each and every aspect of our school days to him and to his will for our family.

and thankfully, i don’t have to have things “just so” in order to honor him.  🙂

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