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the caress of a faithful God…

August 9, 2011

i am currently reading the book Depression: A Stubborn Darkness by Ed T. Welch.

Welch goes a long way to relate to people who struggle with depression.  just in the first chapter alone, i felt as though he was inside my head explaining exactly what i’m going through.  i think that this would be a wonderful book for anyone to read, even if they don’t suffer from depression, because it does an awesome job of pointing us back to Jesus, over and over again.

as i was reading today, i came across this line by C.S. lewis,

the prayers offered in the state of dryness are those which please him best.”

This quote spoke volumes to me, because there are many days right now where i feel as though i have no words to say to God.  i feel dry, empty and without emotion.

and yet, God, in his loving-kindness, wants to hear from me even moreso during those times, because when i cry out to him in my despair, i am acting on my faith.

welch decribes faith as simply turning to the Lord; and when we turn to him even though we don’t feel like it, we are expressing our faith and trust in him—and he delights in that.

i only read one chapter of the book this morning and the Lord knew exactly what i needed to hear.  he knew that i am often hesistant to cry out to him lately because i feel as though my words are lifeless.  he knows that i struggle with singing and offering up praise on those really hard days, because i feel as though it’s pointless to try without the feelings attached.

but it’s the trying and the act of faith, regardless of feeling that brings him pleasure.

~this truth was a sweet caress from God for my weary soul this morning, and i pray it does the same for you…..

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  1. Carolyn Johnson permalink
    August 9, 2011 11:32 am

    What a wonderful quote by CS Lewis, I loved it! And this sounds like a great book, I shall have to find a copy for myself.

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