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grace–even in the gloom

August 8, 2011

it’s monday and the weather is gray and gloomy outside.  every so often i hear the thunder rolling and i’m waiting for the rain to fall at any moment.

it’s wierd how our hearts can often resonate with the weather.  and today’s one of those days.

i saw my dad over the weekend.  i wish i could say it was easier this time, but it wasn’t.  i’m beginning to think that i will never get used to seeing my dad this way.

and i will never get used to him not looking me in the eye and saying “i love you”.

it was a bittersweet weekend.

i had to say good bye to someone else in my life this weekend, but for different reasons.  my brother has the opportunity to move to NC, and he’s going—tomorrow.

i’m happy for him to have this opportunity and i truly believe it will be good for him.  but i didn’t realize until i had to say good-bye how much i will truly miss him.

i woke up this morning feeling that familiar heaviness that has marked my days for weeks now, but as i have gone through my day doing what needs to be done, there is one thing that i have been very aware of….

that is the truth that God is sovereign and that he knows what’s best, even when it hurts and we can’t seem to make sense of it all……


  1. a faithful husband who lovingly does handy man jobs for his mother-in-law
  2. kids who forgive me without hesitation
  3. the rain which waters the grass and flowers and makes them even more beautiful
  4. a healthy body
  5. a safe home with running water and clean clothes
  6. a mom who i adore and miss even though i just saw her yesterday
  7. a brother who is also my friend
  8. weight watchers
  9. a safe trip home from visiting family
  10. family….
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  1. August 8, 2011 3:37 pm

    That was a great thankful list; especially the family ones. I know what it is like to just push yourself forward during the day even though your heart is heavy. Just hang in there because there will be some wonderful days ahead.
    Proverbs 3: 5-6 are my favorite scriptures.
    Enjoy the moments!

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