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plan to eat….

July 29, 2011

a few months back, i came across something that has made a world of difference in both my budget AND in making meals for my family.

it’s an online meal planning service called Plan to Eat, and in my opinion, it’s simply amazing.

plan to eat allows you to plan meals ahead of time, giving you and handy dandy calendar in which you can move meals around and see what you’ve planned and for when.

you can type in your recipes or simply the names of the foods you plan to eat, and it will divide the ingredients up for you, PLUS put them into a grocery list that you can print out by store if you choose.

and if you have other friends who use plan to eat, you can go on and share their recipes, and with one click you can save them into your own recipe file.

i have discovered that by planning my meals out ahead of time AND going to the store with a list of what i need for those meals, i am able to stay within our monthly grocery budget.

it is a bit time consuming when you first start with plan to eat, because you have to input your meals, etc, but once you get a meal or recipe in there, it’s there to stay and the next time you want that meal on the calendar, all you have to do is click and drag.  piece of cake!

plan to eat allows you to try their plan for two months, free of charge.  after your 2 month trial, you can either go month by month, for $4.95 per month, or you can do a year for $39, which comes out to be $3.25/month.

i’m not promoting plan to eat for any reason other than the fact that i love it and it has made life a bit easier for me in the past months.  i sat down yesterday afternoon and planned out meals for all of august, and now all i have to do is print out the grocery lists when i’m ready to shop.

i’m a planner by nature, so plan to eat fits me nicely and takes out the daily “think” work that i was always doing every afternoon when the kids asked “what’s for dinner?”

again, i’m not trying to sell anything here, and i don’t benefit from sharing this with you.  i’m sharing it because it has helped me so much, and i’m always looking for new ways to simplify my life.

i hope you have a wonderful weekend….

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