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muttering a prayer….

July 27, 2011

our small group is going through the bookA Praying Life

this book has given me a lot to think about, but mostly it’s opened my eyes to see that i’ve made way too much of what prayer really is.

i used to fret over the fact that i wasn’t setting aside an official, long-lasting prayer time, where i prayed for anything and everything i could think of and then move on with my day.

but with only being halfway through this book, God has opened my eyes to see that i was looking at things all wrong.

i don’t have to have a “set” prayer time everyday, because i can be praying and accessing God’s grace all day long, all throughout my day.

and i used to think that i wasn’t a good enough pray-er…that i didn’t use fancy enough words.

but i was wrong.  this book has taught me that God just wants me to talk to him.  plain and simple.

he’s not looking for fancy words at all.  he’s looking for heart-felt words; words that are coming from the often times messy, ugly, and even desperate places of my heart.

and i don’t have to come before him cheerful and smiling.  i can come before him with my frustrations, with my sadness, and with anything and everything that’s on my heart.

he created my most inward being.  he knows all the “stuff” that’s in my heart.

he just wants me to humble myself before him. 

he wants me to be aware of my weakness so that i’ll be even MORE aware of his Strength.

he wants me to trust him with my deepest hurts, my most painful darkest days, and he wants me to come back to him…

over and over and over again.



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  1. July 27, 2011 4:13 pm

    Great work!
    My prayers used to be long and endearing… then I had a baby. My prayers turned into: “Please-Lord-Help-Me!Help-Me!Help-Me!Help-Me!Help-Me!” And then when he would sleep so blissfully, and I’d forget the colicky madness, I’d just praise the Lord and say, “Oh wow, what beauty and magic this world has! Isn’t he beautiful and amazing. Someday this child will do great things, for now.. he sleeps, he rests, merciful Lord, how did you think I could mother this child? Are you sure you know what you’re doing??, the Lord and I laugh.. Then the next day: “Please lethimsleepp, pleaselethimsleep-please-let-him-sleep-why-wont it stop crying?!” Then it starts over again…

  2. July 27, 2011 4:14 pm

    Oh by the way, I’m from Walk with Him Wednesdays.. i couldn’t get the button code to work on my post.. oh well..

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