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when it all seems like too much….

July 25, 2011

as i looked over my “plan” for the week, i could feel the tension rising in my heart.  i could feel the anxiety starting to tighten in my chest, and the thoughts flying through my head like fiery darts.

my first thought was, “maybe i should skip my devotions this morning and just move right on to my to-do list.”

but i knew that without first going to the Well and drinking from the Fountain of Living Water, i couldn’t even begin to start my day.

and so i sat with Him for a short time and i drank.

and he filled me up.

he always does; but i need to draw near to him and allow him to fill me.

and i can’t do that when i’m off and running and chasing after things that won’t fill…..

…..i’m thankful that Jesus made a way for me to draw near to the Father

…..a loving husband who delights in serving his wife

…..faithful friends who never give up on me, even when i want to give up on myself

…..a mom who is also my friend…i love you, mom

…..a church family who never ceases to amaze me

… sweet kids, who are often faster to extend grace than i am

…..the blogging world, where i have come to “know” so many wonderful godly women

…..godly friends that my daughter can look up to

…..a messy house that i just happen to call “home”

…..Starbucks treat receipts  🙂

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  1. July 25, 2011 10:36 pm

    I love that thought of living waters and being filled up by the daily study with the Savior.
    Like your post and loved your gifts.
    Blessings to you!

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