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thirsty for more….

July 22, 2011








I just love it when God knows my struggle and then uses someone in such an obvious way to speak right to my heart.

that’s what he did this past sunday.  he used one of our pastors to deliver a sermon that spoke right to my heart.  my dry, thirsty heart.

in this season that i’m in, i have been feeling very thirsty for the Lord, yet feeling like i just can’t get enough.  i feel as though i go to the Word, only to need more of it minutes later.  this depression/hormone issue makes it hard for me to focus and  absorb what i’m reading.   i will read a passage of Scripture, only to walk away from it, totally forgetting what i read, that comforting feeling gone.

i’ve been so frustrated about this and have felt almost like i am failing God, which i know is NOT true.

and then sunday morning, my pastor speaks on being thirsty for the Lord.

isn’t God sweet?

as i sat there, i was eating up every word the pastor said, knowing that God ordained that very moment, that very sermon, for me.

he said that God calls the thirsty to come to Him…over, and over, and over again.  no matter how many times i’ve already come to him, He wants me to come back for more.  and he promises to fill me each and every time.

as i sat there, i could barely hold back my tears–tears of gratitude and tears of joy, knowing that my heavenly Father NEVER tires of hearing my cries.

and knowing that he will NEVER cease to fill me…even when i was just there 10 minutes before.

this is where i’m at right now.  i am desperate for him.  i need him like the air i breathe.

as i walk thru this valley i’m in, i don’t want to miss even one thing that the Lord may be wanting to show me.  and though the journey may be long and it may be painful, if that’s what it takes for me to become more like Him, then Jesus bring the rain…..

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