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Forever changed!

June 25, 2011

You know, as a woman, i can often be tempted to swallow the lies that i can’t be the wife and mommy that I want to be.

There are days when i feel like such a failure as a wife and mommy, and i can easily end up wallowing in my self-pity misery.

And if I’m not careful, i can go on this way for days on end, swallowing one lie after the other, until I can barely find my way back to the Truth.

Because the truth is that i can’t be the wife and mommy that i so want to be….not without God’s help.

left to my own strength and abilities, i can’t do anything.

but Philippians 4:13 says,

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthen me….

It doesn’t say some things or a few things, it says ALL things!

I have to remind myself of this so often.

I have to remind myself that if God has asked something of me, He will give me the strength to do it.  such as parenting and being a wife to my wonderful husband.

one thing i hear at church a lot is the simple fact that we need to stop listening to ourselves and start talking!  I need to preach the gospel to myself every day, maybe even many times a day, to be honest.

I need to be reminded that His power is made perfect in my weakness, and that when God looks at me, he sees his Son’s finished work on the cross.

Will I ever be a perfect wife or mom?

No, I won’t.  Buit I can certainly rejoice in the fact that i don’t have to be perfect, because Jesus was perfect in my place.

One of my favorite songs that we sing at church is Happy Day by Tim Hughes.  It is a wonderful reminder that because of what Jesus did in our place, we are FOREVER changed!

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