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Inconsistency has a spiral effect….

June 24, 2011

One thing i know is that when i am inconsistent in one area, it tends to carry over into other areas of my life as well.  great, huh?

i mentioned earlier that i have been struggling with inconsistency in my parenting.  well, i realized later that i have also been slacking in both exercising and eating well.

I was doing really well with both of those things….until vacation.

On vacation, i drank more pop than usual, ate out a lot (and not just salads, i must admit), and had seconds of things that i normally wouldn’t have seconds of.  not to mention the fact that we celebrated two birthdays (which means cake) AND bought homemade fudge.  yeah, like i’m going to turn down homemade fudge!  dairy allergy or not, i had fudge.  thankfully it’s all gone now.  phew.

i did get lots of exercise while on vacation.  we walked and walked and walked…A.L.O.T., and i didn’t gain any weight, which was a relief.  but i just don’t feel as good as i do when i’m eating right and exercising.  does that make sense?

my plan was to get up this past Monday morning and exercise.  and eat right.

i’ve done neither.  😦

i’ve made one excuse after another as to why i just can’t get out of bed any earlier, and how i will just eat better tomorrow.  all of it excuses.  plain and simple.

so tomorrow morning, i AM going to get up and exercise and i AM going to eat better.

i know that i will feel better for doing it and i will be taking care of the body that God has given me.

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