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Happy Birthday, Honey!

June 20, 2011

Dear Greg,                                                                                    June20,2011

          I just want to start out by saying that you are the absolute SEXIEST 40-year-old man that I’ve ever seen….and I’m so proud to know that you’re mine!  🙂

          Every year, as your birthday rolls around, I am reminded of how very blessed I am to have you.  Being your wife has been the most wonderful, fulfilling experience of my life, and I love it!

          You have always been and will always be the most amazing man I know.  You are the most self-less and sacrificial person I know, always putting me and the kids before yourself.  The kids notice this about you as well, and I am so proud that you are their daddy.  You set the perfect example for all of us of what self-less love really is.

          Your love for me is evident in all you do…in the way you talk to me, and in the way you always stop for a kiss when you walk by me.  You never hesitate to listen when I need to talk and you are always there for me…always, without fail.

          You are a beautiful man, inside and out.(and yes, I DID call you beautiful!)   You are a man of integrity and value the input and wisdom of others.

          I love to watch you wrestle with the kids and carry them up to bed at night.  I know that you don’t think you do much in the way of leading our home, but you do more than you know.  You show our kids everyday that being with their mommy and them is more important to you than anything else, after God.

          You lead them by example by letting them see you read your Bible every morning when they come down.  And when you mess up, you always come back to them and ask for forgiveness.  You are an authentic example of godliness to them, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

          You know, my dad always had the perfect guy all picked out for me in his mind.  He had been praying for this perfect guy my whole life, praying away all the yucky ones that came along.  Do you realize that you are the answer to my dad’s faithful prayers? It means the world to me to know that my dad had the privilege of both knowing and loving you before Alzheimer’s stole his mind.

          As you celebrate this birthday, i pray that you will be ever aware of God’s loving kindness, and that this coming year will be filled with all of God’s richest blessings.

          Happy Birthday, Honey, I love you…….


June 13,2011


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