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break time…..

June 8, 2011

ahhh, time for a break.

i am emotionally and physically exhausted today.

i have been running around like a crazy person trying to plan for vacation…only to have someone call my name literally everytime i take a breath….or so it seems.

and i wish i could say that i have responded sweetly and patiently to my kids today, but i haven’t.

i have snapped.  i have grumbled. and i have been impatient.

and i’ve probably apologized to them more today that i have in 6 months.

and they have graciously forgiven me.

it seems that whenever i am busy planning something, that is when the kids seem to fight the most.

now i realize that’s probably my imagination.  i’m sure that it’s just that i’m not wanting to be bothered when i’m busy, so i feel as though they’re acting up more than usual.

it’s in those “busy” times that i find myself wanting to give them a “quick fix” when they’re in a conflict with one another.  i want to just tell them to stop fighting and let it go, rather than take the time to walk them through the conflict and help them resolve it in a God-honoring way.

basically, i am wanting ease at those times and i don’t want to be bothered with their problems.

however. their problems are MY problems.

God has given me these precious kids in order to teach them his ways.

and no matter how busy i am, teaching them his ways is way more important than me having MY way.

so i’m taking a break right now.  i’m sitting here sipping my homemade peppermint mocha (yes, i am drinking a hot drink even though it’s almost 100 degrees outside~~it’s nice and cool in the house.) and just taking some time to rest and enjoy some quiet while my youngest one naps and the others watch a movie.

and once nap time is over and i get back to my vacation planning, i am going to get my kids busy doing some fun activities rather than expecting them to just entertain themselves and leave me alone.

i am so thankful for a heavenly Father who is never short or impatient with me.

and i am so thankfu lthat Jesus obeyed perfectly in my place…..

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