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13 Years……

June 5, 2011

June 5th marks a beautiful memory for me…..

It was on this date, 13 years ago, that i had the privilege of marrying this wonderful man.

Little did i know when i met him that he was the one that God had chosen for me to spend my life with.

When we met, neither one of us had any intention of getting “involved” in a relationship.

Both of us had been in our share of bad relationships and were both in a place where we had surrendered our hearts and our wills to God…we were allowing him to have his way in our lives and weren’t trying “make” things go our way.

both of us were invloved in a young adults ministry at the church we were attending and it was through a social event after church one night that we met.

i was a single mom at the time and thought nothing of this guy (my now husband) sitting down next to me.  i was focusing on my daughter and minding my own business.  (honest, i was!!)

through a series of events, he and i became friends.  conversation came easy for us and we talked about everything.

and he loved my daughter.  she kept him entertained with her sweet silliness and her joyful spirit.  she won him over before i did.  🙂

after a few months of a strong growing friendship, we had our first date.

and though neither of us said anything at the time, it was on that first date that God confirmed in our hearts that this was the one we would marry.

dating greg was such a beautiful experience; unlike anything i had experienced in my past.

he respected me and treated me like a queen.

he never tried to cross the boundaries that we had set early on in our relationship, and he always put me first.

9 months into dating, he proposed to me and we were married 5 months later.

on our wedding day, i remember thinking that i couldn’t possibly love this man more than i did at that moment.

but i was wrong.

with every day that passes, i love him more.

my heart still skips a beat when he calls me during the day, and his kisses still make my heart race.

when he catches my eye across the room and gives me that little wink that’s meant just for me, i still melt.

he’s my best friend and there’s nothing i can’t tell him.

he still treats me like a queen and always puts me first.

i love this man with every thing that is in me and i thank God everyday for blessing me with him……

Happy Anniversary, honey….

I love you and i’d marry you all over again….

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  1. June 5, 2011 7:20 am

    What a beautiful story, Patty! Happy anniversary!

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