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and the water rose…..

June 4, 2011

we have the pleasure of my hubby’s parents being here with us this weekend.  i love my in-laws, and thank God for the beautiful relationship i have with them.

after visiting with them until almost 11:30 last night, we decided to turn in.

greg and i were exhausted and we couldn’t wait to crawl into bed.

i went into our bathroom, and just as i was getting ready to use the tiolet, i realized that there was only a tiny bit of water in it, with a couple of pieces of toilet paper floating in it.

looked suspicious to me, so i asked hubby to go get the plunger for me.

as he plunges the toilet, he then flushes it….

and the water began to rise.

and rise.

and rise some more.

as it kept on rising, so did the “uh-oh’s” that were coming out of my mouth.

needelss to say, the water did NOT stop rising.

it came right up over the top of the toilet and down the sides…..

all over the bathroom floor.

we quickly grabbed every towel we could find and sopped up all the water.  but apparently not before it went through to the kitchen ceiling below.  our kitchen ceiling doesn’t look all that bad with a small brown water mark on it, really, it doesn’t.

and truth be known, i probably wouldn’t have noticed the water mark had greg not pointed it out to me.

anyway, back to ther bathroom…..

greg then gets his handy dandy drain snake (which he bought when we realized that spaghetti noodles were NOT meant to go down the garbage disposal.  🙂  ) and tries to put in down the toilet drain.

he tried numerous times.

and the stupid snake didn’t do a thing to unclog the toilet.  doesn’t surprise me though; i’ve always hated snakes.

by this time, it’s midnight and niether one of us is feeling too friendly.

and neither of us is excited about the prospect of what might be lodged in our drain.

after making absolutely NO progress in unclogging  the drain, we decided to just go to bed.  we didn’t want to wake up the whole house by trying to tear the tiolet apart.

so we wake up this morning, and as we’re sitting outside drinking coffee w/greg’s dad, he gives us a number of ideas of ways to unclog the toilet.

in the meantime, greg goes upstairs and flushes the toilet.

and it worked.

it worked just fine.

we never did find out why it didn’t work last night OR what may have clogged it.

and the kids of course had NO CLUE who might’ve flushed some foreign object down the toilet.

all i know is i’m extremely tired today from our late and stressful end to the night.

AND i’m extremely grateful that the toilet now works.

more than that, i am thankful to God for the many ways he has reminded us of his faithfulness and care just in the past few days.

  • the part we needed for the A/C ($175) was under warranty
  • greg received his paycheck
  • the ejector pit decided to break yesterday, instead of waiting until we were on vacation, thus flooding our basement.
  • greg’s dad was here to help him replace the ejector pit
  • the whole ejector pit project, with parts and all, only cost just over $100
  • i have a wonderful husband who was able to handle all of these repairs w/o the help(and cost) of a plumber

God is so faithful.

even in the small stuff.  the stuff that seams big to us, yet we don’t think to pray about it, He cares.

and provides.

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