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The Lord gives and the Lord takes away…

June 2, 2011

towards the end of last year, i said good bye to a long-time friendship.

i had been in this friendship for over 8 years and had walked through many seasons with this friend.

there were many good times and lots of laughs along the way.

and yet, something was missing.

though i tried for years to hold the friendship together, i couldn’t.  and neither could she.

you see, though we were close, there were lots of  areas that were “off limits” in our friendship.

topics that we couldn’t talk about comfortably without stepping on each other’s toes.

important topics.  God-honoring topics that every Christian woman should be able to talk about with her friends, even if their opinions varied a bit.

but we couldn’t.  and i often came away from our times together feeling dry and like i needed to take a deep breath because i had been holding it for so long.

the thought of walking away from this friendship was painful and i kept trying to make it work.  but i couldn’t.

through a series of events, the Lord made it very clear to me that this friendship was not good for me.  he helped me to see that this friendship was not helping me to grow in my spiritual life and that i was expected to keep my convictions to myself in order to please this friend.

as hard as it was, i obeyed the Lord and i said good-bye to this friend.

the Lord gives and the Lord takes away…..

Little did i know it at the time, but the Lord knew what he was doing.

he knew that this friend was in my life but for a season.  he knew that was part of his plan.

around the same time that i was walking through the final weeks of this friendship, the Lord was already knitting together a friendship.

a friendship based on like-minded values and on a desire to honor God.

a friendship of 2 women who both happened to be walking through similiar seasons in their parenting and who needed the encouragement of someone who knew exactly what the other was feeling.

a friendship where each woman is able to be herself and neither one is expected to be anyone other than themself.

you see, these two women had known each other for years, and yet had only been friendly acquaintenances.

neither one had even given a thought to the idea that these two might become close friends.

but God knew.

he knew just the right season when these two women would need a friend.

he knew just when each one would be ready to be the kind of friend that the other one needed.

and he knew how beautiful their friendship would be….in his time.

the Lord gives, and the Lord takes away….

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