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The Altars of Rembrance…

May 25, 2011

As i visited with some friends a while back, i heard the term

The altars of rembrance

Having never heard that phrase before, i asked my friend what it meant.

She explained that when one is walking through a trial, the easiest way to find God in that trial is to visit the altars of rembrance:  looking back to God’s faithfulness in the past.

Looking back to his past faithfulness, we are then encouraged and reminded of his goodness and his care over us.

That’s what i’ve been doing lately.

As i’ve been walking through this valley, i have been thinking back to my years of rebellion in my early 20’s.

i can look back and see that, even though i wasn’t faithfully serving God, he still had his hand on my life.

i can see that even though i was chasing after the world and all of it’s enticing ways, he never let go.

that even when i have been faithless, he has been faithful.

as i thought back to when i was pregnant with my 2nd daughter, i remember the doctor telling us that she wouldn’t make it, and that he was certain i would miscarry.  and yet, here we are, almost 11 years later and my sweet girl is healthy and strong.  and she loves Jesus.

i remember my 3rd pregnancy with my oldest son…..i bled for 15 weeks.  we eventually found out i had a hemorrage in my uterus that ended up going away at 20 weeks.  but those 15 weeks leading up to that were treacherous.  everytime the bleeding got heavier, i had to go in for an ultrasound to rule out a miscarriage.

and yet, almost 9 years later, i have a handsome blue-eyed boy who melts his mommy’s heart.

a month after my 4th was born, she ended up with a serious case of RSV and had to be hospitalized.  she looked so tiny and weak and we weren’t sure she’d ever come back home.  but again, God had a better plan.  almost 6 years later, and we now have a spunky curly girl who is full of life and laughter.

i could go on and on…the list is endless.

and so is God’s love and faithfulness.

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  1. Angie permalink
    May 26, 2011 6:42 am

    LOVE this, Patty! Thanks for sharing! Reminds me of a Sarah Groves song, “He’s always been faithful and will be again. His loving compassion it knows no end…”

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