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Audience of One…

May 24, 2011
I’m a fixer.
Not the “handy man” type of fixer,(that would be disastrous, to say the least!) but the type of fixer who wants to “fix” people… and circumstances.
It’s so hard for me when i see someone i love struggle.
i desperately want to make everything better.
and i’ve tried.
in my own strength.
and of course, i failed.
i’ve also struggled with wanting to make everyone around me happy.
and i’ve failed.
it’s taken me a L.O.N.G. time to realize that it’s not MY job to fix everything.
and it’s not my responsibility to make people happy.
as a matter-of-fact, it’s downright impossible.
i’ve had to learn this in my parenting, time and time again.
i can not make my children’s happiness my main priority in my parenting.
instead, my main goal in my parenting should be reaching their hearts with the gospel.
i’ve had to learn that loving somebody doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as making them happy.
there may be times that speaking the Truth in love will NOT make someone happy.  but if God’s calling me to do it, I need to obey him.
if my gaze isn’t on my Audience of One, then what i’m doing is not going to be fruitful.
there’s somany things i wish i’d known sooner, but by the grace of God I am a work in progress.
and i am so thankful for the work he’s doing in me…..because i know he loves me, even if it hurts.
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