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Summer Vacation

May 19, 2011


It’s hard to belive that we’re  halfway through May already!

knowing that my oldest was finishing up the last of this year’s school work tomorrow, i was thinking how nice it would be if all the kids could be done for the year as well.

As i looked through their books, i was thrilled to see that they could easily finish up this week as well!!  YIPPEE!!!! 

Summer vacation has arrived.  🙂

I have big plans for this summer. 

 Aside from our big family vacation we’re taking next month, i have something very special planned.

Spiritual growth.

I know I’ve shared here before that the Lord has been doing some remodeling in my heart lately.

He has given me such a hunger for more of him and a desire to grow in holiness.

He has made me aware of areas where i need to grow and change in my parenting and he has given me the desire to become more focused on grace in my parenting than on good behavior.

i have really felt the Lord prompting me to set aside this summer as a time to really know him more.

to really study him and his Word and to allow him to saturate me in his Truths.

to spend time memorizing Scripture with my kids and taking the time to train them in reading God’s Word.

i’m excited about what God is doing in my heart.

and i am thankful to him for opening my eyes to see where i need to purge certain things in order to make room for growth.

the journey i have been on these past few months has been long and hard, but i believe God is using this trail to bring me to my knees, and to help me see my desperate need for more.of.Him.

Just a side note:  if there are any of you who have been blessed or encouraged in your faith while reading my blog, would you consider voting for me ?  I have been nominated over at Circle of Moms  25 Top Faith Blogs. 

All you have to do is click on the badge at the top of my post and you will be directed from there. 

thank you and God Bless!!

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