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a wife who honors

May 18, 2011

when i think of what it means to honor and respect your husband, i immediately think of my mom.

when my mom said “in sickness and in health” she had no idea what the future held for her and my dad.

 from the moment he received his Alzheimers diagnosis, she stood by him.

she stood by him and cared for him for 4 years before he reached the point of having to move to a nursing home.

she bathed him, helped him remember to take his medicine, helped dress him, and basically watched him 24 hours a day to make sure he didn’t wander off.

the stress of it all wore on her and brought her down, but she never gave up on him.

i can only imagine the pain she experienced having to do things for her husband that she once did for my brother and i when we were toddlers.

and yet she never gave up.

when Dad reached a point where my mom could no longer provide the care and supervision he needed, the decision had to be made to move him into a skilled nursing facility.

that decision broke our hearts, but it had to be made.

as i told my mom, she was loving my dad by making the decision to move him into a nursing home where he would receive constant 24 hour care.

and even though it hurt, she loved him enough to do so.

my mom will never know how much i love and admire her for her faithfulness to my dad.

she will never know how her dedication to him has inspired me and encouraged me in my own committment to my husband.

She will never know how much more i love her and respect her for remaining committed to my dad, even when it was so hard that she thought she’d never survive.

my mom is a survivor and she’s my hero.  and i love her more than she’ll ever know.

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