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amazed by grace

May 17, 2011

God is so amazing.

The fact that he cares about even the slightest details of our lives truly amazes me.

There have been times in my life when i have been tempted to doubt God’s love, especially when I’ve been walking through a difficult trial and I am unable to see how God could possibly bring good out of it.

But then there are times, like today, when i think back to the years of faithfulness, and i wonder how i could ever doubt God.

I think of just this past weekend, how God worked it out so that my dad would be dressed when i arrived at the nursing home…i know that seems like something insignificant to some, but to me, not having to see him in a diaper was HUGE.

and God knew that.

He knew that my heart was heavy at the thought of seeing my dad that way.

and he came through. again.

I think of how blessed I was to be able to spend time shopping with my mom on Saturday.  I had been longing for time out with my mom.  missing those times of laughing and looking around the stores together.

and he worked it out.  again.

just this morning, as i walked greg to the door on his way out to work, i watched him get back out of his car to give another hug to a sweet, blue-eyed boy who wanted “just one more.”

as i watched him pick our youngest up and wrap him in a big hug, i realized how very blessed i am to have this man.

i didn’t deserve him.  i still don’t. 

but God had a better plan, and he came through.  again.

i can’t imagine my life without God. 

I can’t imagine where I’d be today, had he not opened my eyes to the gospel and delivered me from my sin.

life has it’s ups and downs and trials will certainly come; but one thing i know for sure is that God will come through…again.

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