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May 10, 2011

I’ve been learning a lot lately about reality.

It’s easy to have an ideal of how we want things to be, but often times, we can get so caught up in our “ideals” that we lose sight of the reality that we live in.

I think it’s even fair to say that we can often resent the reality we live in, because we like our” ideals” so much better.

I know i can.

As i was thinking about this just this morning, I began to think about my reality…..

I am walking through a very difficult season in my parenting right now…

My dad is dying from Alzheimers disease, and I can’t change that….

I am an imperfect mom who fails…A.LOT.

But, there’s an even greater Reality that i often lose sight of….

And this Reality brings Hope….

My greatest need was met on the cross.

Jesus died in my place.

He took the punishment of my sin.

And now, I am free.

I am free to worship.

I am free to live outside the bondage of sin.

When God looks at me, He sees his Son’s finished work on the cross, and He says,

Her debt has been paid.


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