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May 5, 2011

It’s days like today when i feel like my kids don’t respect me–at.all.

It’s days like today when i repeat my instructions to them over and over and over and over….and then i yell.

It’s days like today, when i tell them what i expect of them and they don’t come through, and i don’t do anything but lecture. again.

Or when they have done something that they’ve known for years isn’t allowed in our home and i lecture rather than give a consequence.

it’s on days like this that i find myself frazzled and angry and wondering, “WHY ON EARTH WON’T THESE KIDS LISTEN TO ME?????”

if i let myself, i can become discouraged and convince myself that i am a failure as a mom and that my kids deserve better.

but not today.

today, the Lord showed me something very important.

He showed me that the reason my kids aren’t respecting me and obeying my instructions is because i’m not requiring their respect and obedience.

and i’m not earning it.

how can they possibly learn to obey me when i’m not requiring it of them AND loving them enough to discipline them when they do wrong?

i wouldn’t respect a leader who doesn’t reinforce the rules that they have set. 

 not. at. all.

so why would i expect that of my kids?

i was a bit humbled by this realization today.  yet, i was thankful to God for opening my eyes to this Truth.

the Bible commands that i train my kids in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

when i’m failing to obey his commands, i can’t expect to reap good fruit. 

once again, i am so thankful for a loving Father who gently corrects those He loves…..

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  1. May 5, 2011 6:08 pm

    Amen, Patty!

  2. Angie permalink
    May 10, 2011 6:23 am

    Hey Patty,

    Ben brought home a book the other day that has just been SOOOOOOO helpful to me as I seek to honor the Lord in raising my kiddos! It doesn’t come out until the end of the month but I think you can pre-order it. I can confidently say that it is THE most Gospel centered book about Gospel driven parenting–hands down! It’s called, “Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Children With The Love of Jesus,” by Elyse Fitzpatrick. I am not lying when I say that I was even encouraged, convicted, and filled with hope just in the introduction and foreward. Anyway, take it for what it’s worth, but I’d sure encourage you to read it too 😉

    And, for the record, I can relate to the kind of day you were describing! On days like that God often kindly reminds me that I am the worst of sinners and I need a Savior even to parent well.

    Thanks for sharing,

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