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David Wilkerson’s Legacy….

April 29, 2011

I was so shocked to hear of David Wilkerson’s death.  and I am so very sad for his family, who are experiencing such a great loss.

As i was thinking of David Wilkerson today, i began to think of all the things i’ve learned about him over the years.

I remember reading The Cross and the Switchblade when i was a teenager and was amazed at David Wilkerson’s obedience to God.

 Even when God was asking him to do things that were life-threatening and scary, Wilkerson obeyed out of his love and reverance for the Lord.

Wilkerson went on to start Teen Challenge, an organization dedicated to helping drug and alcohol addicts find their way to freedom from their addictions, and freedom from thier sins, through saving faith in Jesus.

The more i thought about Wilkerson, the more i marveled at the legacy that he left.

And i began to think about my own life.

What do i want people to remember most about me when i’m gone?

What about my kids? 

What would i want them to remember most about their mom?  Would i want them to remember the way i fretted over keeping the clutter picked up off the floor, OR would i want them to remember the way i read to them and constantly talked about Jesus?

Mr. Wilkerson not only left a great legacy of being totally dedicated to the work and life God had for him, but he also left a legacy of faithfulness that all of us believers could learn from.

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