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The Perfect Sacrifice….

April 22, 2011

Parenting has got to be one of the hardest jobs out there. 


i mean, first of all, pregnancy is no cake walk and then the actual birthing process is less than glamorous.  not to mention the months of no sleep once the sweet baby comes home.

but then, there’s that first smile and we’re all mush. 

and we forget the pregnancy and the labor and we begin to think that maybe sleep isn’t all that important…okay, so maybe we don’t think that; i know i didn’t anyway!  🙂

we try to survive the toddler years without to many trips to the E.R., and we hope that someday that child will realize that beating his head into the floor in hopes of getting his way won’t be so attractive to a wife.

then come the preschool years along with the BIG personalities.  i think this may be my favorite phase…the cute things they say in a grown-up way and the way they adore mommy and daddy, yet don’t really think they need them anymore.

With having 5 kids, the oldest being 17 and the youngest being 4, we do a pretty good job of covering every age range and phase at our house.

and with every phase has come new challenges and new joys. 

but with some phases, it seems like the joys are far and few in between.

it can seem like there’s a wall up between parent and child and with that wall comes much heartbreak.

and tears.

and prayers.

and there are days when i forget that because of Good Friday and because of Easter, we have Hope.

as i was running on my treadmill this morning, i began to feel that familiar burning in my legs, that usually causes me to slow down a bit.

but not today.

today, i made myself run harder when it got tough. 

and my legs burned and i wanted to slow down or even stop. 

but i pushed through it and i made it.

i was able to run a mile in 2 minutes less time than i usually do.

and it felt great.

and as i was running through the hard time, i felt the Lord telling me that, just like i’m pushing through the hard time in my running today, i need to push through the hard times in my parenting.

i felt him telling me that by giving up hope or not trying to get to the heart of my child because i don’t want the battle, i am neglecting to finish the race.

it’s in those times of wanting to throw in towel that i think God wants to speak to me the most.

it’s in those times of wanting to avoid the battle that God wants me to presevere even harder.

because there’s Someone Who didn’t give up on me.

when i was headed for hell, living life my way, Someone presevered and held onto me.

and he never gave up.

that Someone took the payment for my sins so that i could be free.

that Someone suffered in every way possible, and yet he never gave up.

instead, he gave the ultimate Sacrifice in order to capture my heart.  and yours.

i pray that your Easter weekend would be filled with many sweet reminders of God’s amazing love for you……

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