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swim suit…friend or foe?

April 17, 2011

it’s no secret around my house that i’m not crazy about wearing a swimsuit.  as a matter-of-fact, i would be perfectly happy to never have to wear one.(and before anyone gets the wrong idea here, i’m NOT implying that i swim without a suit….eewwwww!)

however, i happen to have a wonderful husband and five kids who happen to love swimming.  so it’s inevitable that mommy would have to swim someday.

you see, for years now, i’ve always had an excuse.  a new baby.  a nursing baby.  to much leftover babyweight. believe me, i’ve used every excuse out there.

well, God has done a lot of work in my heart over the past couple of years and has helped me to grow in being content in him, rather than in how i look in a swimsuit.

He has helped me to lose almost 40 pounds and has grown my in trust in him.  trusting that He is all i need and that being content and fulfilled in him will make me more beautiful than any swimsuit ever could.

well, this summer we are vacationing with extended family and will have access to both a pool and a hot tub.  and my sweet hubby requested that i buy a swimsuit.

and be willing to wear it once we’re there.

so, rather than wait until the last minute to find the dreaded suit, i spent a day this past week swim suit shopping.

i spent almost 2 hours trying on one suit after another.


not only that, but one that you can feel good in?

after much torture of pulling one suit after the other over my head, i finally found one that i felt pretty good about.

and do you want to know what i noticed?

i realized that i hadn’t been grumbling and complaining the whole time.  i wasn’t on the verge of tears as i continued searching for the ‘right” suit.

i was actually enjoying myself (somewhat) and wasn’t grossed out at seeing myself in a swim suit.

not that i loved the way i looked in the suit, because i certainly don’t look the way i’d like to look.  but, i felt so good knowing that i was honoring my husband.

knowing that he would be happy with me for  willingly buying the suit was enough to make me happy.  and knowing that he will love me in the suit, no matter how i think i look in it makes me feel all giddy.

this is no small thing here, friends.  this is God at work, because i wouldn’t feel this way on my own.  no way. 

i am so thankful to God for growing me in ways that will not only bless me, but that will also bless my husband and kids.

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