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Gardening 101….

April 16, 2011

i’m learning more and more that change doesn’t happen overnight.  nor does growth.

as i’ve been looking at the many areas in which i long to grow, i can easily become overwhelmed because i want to grow in every area and RIGHT NOW.

it’s taken me a while to realize by trying to improve in every area i am trying to do God’s work in my life, rather than trusting in him to grow me, in his time.

someone shared with me a while back how the whole process of planting and growing can relate to us as believers longing for change.

before we can even plant the seeds, sometimes there is old stuff that needs to be cut down or dug up.  or sometimes we might need to do a little pruning, cutting the branches down just right to allow new growth later on.

after the pruning and cutting away is done, we then cultivate the ground to prepare it for the seeds. 

once the ground is ready, we then plant the seeds.  and wait.

we water the ground and we are watchful, expecting the new growth.  but it doesn’t happen overnight. 

nor does it happen over a few days.

sometimes, the pruning is done in the fall and the ground sits all winter.  and then, in the spring, we prepare the ground and plant the seeds. 

and wait.

eventually, we begin to see the little sprouts of green coming up through the ground, and it’s a beautiful sight. 

 sometimes though, the growth may be pretty significant before we even realize it’s happened.

God promises us in his Word that he will be faithful to complete the work he began us.

wether it happens overnight or over a long period of time, it will happen. 

we just need to trust the Gardener.

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