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how time flys….

April 14, 2011

I spent most of this morning planning for the next school year.

I decided to start with my oldest child, who is going to be a senior next year. *gulp.*

As i was reviewing her past three years of school, i was relieved to see that she’s right where she needs to be.

Her last year of school should be pleasant and lighter than this year, which will mean high school will end on a happy note for her. 

As i shared my plans for next year with her, she was really excited.

She’s done an amazing job this school year.  She has taken complete ownership of her schoolwork and has stayed on track.

as her and I were talking, all of a sudden it hit me that this would be my LAST year of planning school for her.

my LAST time ordering curriculum for her.

my last year to plan a daily schedule for her.

and i cried.

there she stood, with a huge smile on her sweet face, anticipating the years ahead, and i cried.

i’m happy for her, really, i am.

but it’s so wierd to think that my oldest child is graduating highschool next year, and that she won’t need me for her schooling anymore.

sure, she still needs my guidance, my influence, and even my authority in her life right now, BUT she’s growing up.

God is changing her more and more into the woman he wants her to be.

and some day soon, she will be on her own.

she will make her own decisions, with little or no input from me.

and just like now, i will have to entrust her to God.

seeing things from this perspective has given me the desire to enjoy my kids even more.

to cherish every day with them.

to make the most of every school year.

to love them with all of my heart and to not waste a minute of the precious time God has given me with them.

because the years really do fly by……..

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