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off to a “running” start….

April 5, 2011

Well, i am happy (thrilled, to be exact) to announce that i have gotten up the past two mornings and have actually ran a mile each morning.

Did you read that i RAN???

I stressed RAN because i have NEVER been a runner, have always hated it, and never even wanted to try it.

But once i started doing interval training, i decided to run longer in between the intervals and i am actually loving it.  i am hoping that by running, i will see noticable toning in my body and that i will feel and look stronger.

I am thankful to God for helping me meet my goal this week…to get up early each morning and exercise, so as to set the tone for my day.  I realize it’s only Tuesday, but now that i’ve done it for the past two days, i am totally motivated and determined to do it all week!

Yesterday, i hopped right out of bed (totally God) and got right to exercising.

today was a different story.  i didn’t sleep well last night and then decided to sleep in this  morning, getting up not long before the kids.  i did the rest of our morning routine, thinking that i just wouldn’t get around to exercising this morning.

after i put the banana bread in the oven, it occurred to me that i had an hour while the bread was baking.  so what did i do?  I started a load of laundry and then hit the treadmill! 

it has felt so good to start my day doing something healthy for myself.  I feel more equipped to care for my kids and to tackle my other daily responsibilities.

i love to listen to Christian music while i exercise, especially Third Day and Jeremy Camp.  By focusing on the music, i am pointed towards my Creator and am reminded of His goodness and His faithful hand on my life.

We serve a wonderful God who is mighty to save and who cares about our every need. 

 I am so thankful that i can commune with him, even while i exercise.

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  1. April 5, 2011 6:30 pm

    Yay! I’m so happy for you, Patty. Way to go! And it is wonderful to be able to focus our thoughts on God, even while we exercise. 🙂

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