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An amazing husband…..

April 4, 2011

God has blessed me with an amazing husband.  Now, i know i’m biased, but he really IS an amazing man.

When i think of my life before Greg, I am in awe that God decided to bring this wonderful man into my life.  But then again, God’s Word does say that He loves to lavish good things on his children.  That he has certainly done for me.

Greg and I have been married for almost 13 years and this year marks our 13th  tax season together.  You see, my hubby is a CPA and Jan-Apr is his “busy season”.

Up until about 3 years ago, i hardly saw him at all during tax season.  Most of those years, i had little babies, nursing babies, at least 1 kid in diapers and not many that were potty trained.  All in all, tax seasons were a nightmare and i hated them.

Then 3 years ago, God gave us the great idea of coming up with a tax season “schedule”.  Greg and i sat down and figured out which 2 nights during the week he could definitely make it a point to be home for dinner, and we then agreed that the other nights he would definitely make it a point to be home by 8 so that he could see the kids before bed.

This schedule revolutionized our tax seasons.  i no longer dealt with the anxiety of wondering if or when Greg would be home each night.  i knew which nights to expect him home for dinner and i knew he’d always be home to kiss the kids good night.

This schedule helped Greg plan his days better and allowed him to get more rest at night, as opposed to going on 3-4 hours of sleep each night as he did in years past.

I don’t know if my husband truly realizes that his willigness to even do this plan means the world to me.  It has helped my love and respect for him to sky-rocket, because i know how easy it would be for him to just plug away at work and forget to watch the clock.

But we agreed to this plan and he has been faithful to stick with it.  And i have been faithful to do my best to find ways to serve him during these busy months, knowing that by doing so, he sees how much i love and appreciate him and all his hard work.

We went out on a date last night, and as we were out, i realized how wonderful it is to be married to my best friend.

I realized that even when we’re quiet, that we are still comfortable with each other.  sometimes, words aren’t necessary when you’re with the one you love.

and i realized that even though the days of staying up until 2 a.m. and having no trouble making it through the next day are a thing of the past, he and i are meant for each other and we are okay with going to bed at 9:30 on a friday night. 

as a matter-of-fact, we look forward to it!  

ahhh, the joys of being 40.   🙂

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