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How am i using my Talents?

March 30, 2011

i’ve found myself in a slump lately.

so much so, that i have felt as though i can’t find my way out.  and it’s not a “depression” type of slump.  it’s more of a pattern that i’ve found myself in and have allowed myself to stay there for a while….a couple of weeks at least.

it started a few weeks back when we were all sick.  we were in “survival” mode, and i basically let everything go…..our routine, our chores, exercise,consistency in training/disciplining the kids, my devotions….you name it, i let it go.

just this week i started noticing that things weren’t right.  i realized yesterday that i NEEDED my time with the Lord…that i hadn’t been having that precious time of drinking from His well of Living water, and i was dry and thristy.

i also realized that i had been repeating my instructions to the kids…over and over and over again.  and getting nowhere.

 it’s amazing how quickly kids will fall into the framework you set for them.  if you require obedience and follow through with consequences, they learn to expect that.  on the other hand, if you fail to follow through, they learn to expect that as well.

i was then beating myself up over the fact that i hadn’t been exercising either.  with no good excuses.  yeah, maybe i have been struggling to get over this sinus infection, but i can breathe better now, so there’s no excuse for me, other than laziness!

as i was thinking about all of this today, i realized that when i begin to slip in one area, it has a domino effect and i begin to slip in other areas as well.

as i shared this with a friend today, she asked me this question….”when you’ve prayed about this tendency in your life, what has God laid on your heart…what has He shown you?”

i thought about it for a minute and knew exactly what God has shown me in times past……

God has shown me that He has given me  talents (my 5 kids, my husband, my home, homeschooling) and He wants me to steward them well. 

Am i going to waste my talents by not doing with them what God intends me to do?

 God has called me, as a mommy, to bring my kids up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  when i fail to do that, i am neglecting the talents he has entrusted to me. 

when i neglect to spend time with my Lord, i am basically saying that i can do things on my own, that i don’t need God’s help.  But i know for a fact, I do need God’s help…every moment of every day.  and i’m not saying that it’s a sin to miss a day of quiet time with the Lord….i’m saying that i am starving my soul when i don’t fill up with Him on a regular basis.

i am so thankful that when i am feeling far from God that it isn’t God who has moved…it’s me.

and i’m thankful that God brings conviction to His children and helps us find our way back to what’s right and true.

He brings us back to what’s good for us and He will give us the strength to do what He has called us to do.

So, my goal for tomorrow….spending time with the Lord is #1 on the list. 

the rest i will entrust to Him and allow Him to lead me back to where i need to be.

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