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one of those days….

March 26, 2011

it’s definitely been one of THOSE days.

you know the ones i’m talking about…….kids running around like crazy, either fighting or playing, laundry piled a mile high, mom still trying to get over a sinus infection, so feeling very tired, and one child who isn’t feeling well and needs mom’s constant attention.

i went through my morning just certain that hubby would come home and find me duct-taped to a chair.  either that or the kids would be duct taped to chairs.  hmmmm, i hadn’t even thought of trying THAT!  🙂     just kidding, of course!

it wasn’t pretty around here…at all.  i was repeating myself, complaining to myself, and going on my feelings WAY TO MUCH!!!

it was around lunch time when i finally called hubby and begged him to pray with me….ok. i didn’t beg, but i was close.

being the wonderful, caring hubby that he is, he reminded me that things didn’t have to be this way in our home today.  and i’m thinking to myself, “then why is it like this today?”

he then goes on to remind me that the kids will only continue to act this way if i allow them to.  duh.

i hate the fact that i sometimes get so caught up in the emotion of things, the feelings, that i forget who the mom is.  duh again.

hearing that reminded me of something that i read in Shepherding a Child’s Heart…..Tedd Tripp explains that we are always training our kids. 

 wether we are addressing their behavior and their hearts, OR we are ignoring their behavior and simply yelling and repeating ourselves, we ARE training them. 

 obviously, both types of training will produce different results, but it’s training, none-the-less.  one way will produce the fruits of righteousness and the other won’t.  i know which way i want to be training them, but boy do i fall short at times.

quite honestly, i think i need to read and re-read Shepherding a Child’s Heart monthly.  if you’ve never read it, i can’t recommend it highly enough.

After that sweet reminder from my hubby, i decided to take action and give these littles some productive things to do….seperate from each other!  and i gently reminded them of  God’s command to obey their parents.

seeing a calm mommy, who wasn’t yelling and repeating herself seemed to go a lot farther with them than that other mommy did.  who was she, anyway?

i am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father Who knows my weaknesses and my sin, and yet loves me just the same……

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  1. March 26, 2011 8:20 pm

    Patty, I’m so glad that you blog. Your honesty is so refreshing and encouraging and helpful. I know you are helping others as you share your own struggles. Thanks for humbling being open to the Lord’s transforming work!

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