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She’s still my baby, BUT she belongs to God…

March 25, 2011

Yesterday, my oldest daughter (17) had to have her 2 bottom wisdom teeth extracted.  knowing this is a common procedure, i wasn’t too worried about her having this done. 

until i kissed her cheek on my way to the waiting room.

it was at that moment that i wanted to hang on to her for dear life and never let go.

but, for the sake of savannah’s dignity and mine, i decided to let go of her.  but i knew one thing for sure:

God wasn’t going to let go of her.

as i sat in the waiting room, i prayed for her, that God would allow everything to go well and that savannah would wake up from the anesthesia with no problems.

after an hour, the nurse came and got me and together we walked back to the recovery room where savannah was waiting for me.

i was totally unprepared for what i saw. there, sitting in this tiny room, was my sweet girl, sitting up with her back against the wall, and she was shivering from head to toe.  she looked scared to death and she was calling for me.

the nurse assured me that this was very normal, and that most girls tend to get very emotional from the anesthesia.   i sat down by savannah and talked to her, assuring her that i was there and that everything was fine.

as i sat there next to savannah, i realized how long it had been since i’d had the opportunity to just sit next to her and love on her.  after all, she is 17 and it’s not too cool in her eyes for mom to cuddle with her.  she’ll take 100 hugs a day from me, but “um, no cuddling, Mom, that’s awkward.”  

i sat there next to her as we waited for the nurse to finish the paperwork and to get final orders from the doctor.

God used that time to reveal some things to me that i won’t soon forget.

He showed me that Savannah belongs to Him, and that she always has.  He helped me to realize that, even though savannah and i go through dark times in our relationship, He is ultimately the One Who can bring lasting change in her heart….and mine.

He helped me to see that, just as savannah needs my love and care as she recovers from the extractions, she also needs my love and care as she learns to spread her wings and have more freedom.  that when she makes choices, wether they are right or wrong, she still needs my guidance and input along the way….even if she doesn’t think she needs it.

having been home with her, caring for her 24/7 for the past 2 days, and doing most everything for her, i am aware of how very much i love this precious girl that God has given me.

i am aware that, even through the hard times, she is still my baby, but ultimately she belongs to her Creator.

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