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it starts with mommy….

March 24, 2011

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about what being a homemaker really means.  i mean, sure, i’m the mommy and i have the responsibility of caring for my hubby, my kids, and my home.

but what does that really mean? 

i was reading Christin’s post today from Joyful Mothering, and she was speaking on this very topic today.  she defined a homemaker as “someone who manages the household of their own family.”

i often find myself frustrated over the fact that my days seems chaotic, as if there is no order in my home.

the kids seem to be fighting more,they aren’t obeying, the house is a mess, the chores aren’t getting done, and mom is about to lose. her. mind.

i get so frustrated and i rack my brain trying to figure out what’s wrong with me….what’s wrong with my kids?….and why can’t things run somewhat smoothly around here?

lately, this chaotic feeling seems to be the norm for me and i don’t like it. not. at. all.

as i thought about this, and read posts by Christin and Ann this morning, it became apparent to me why life has been so out of control in my home.

it’s because i am not managing my home the way God has called me to.

i am not trusting Him to give me what i need for each day…..but rather, i am running by the seat of my pants and trying to do things in my own strength.

i am not following a plan for my day, but rather, am again flying by the seat of my pants and then wondering why things aren’t getting done.

i can sit down and write out a beautiful schedule that LOOKS like it would work wonderfully, and yet, i don’t follow it.  instead, i try to wing it and end up frustrated and unproductive.  mainly because i am not realistic when i write up the schedule.  it’s like i’m making a schedule for a family i don’t know, rather than using what’s currently working for my family and building upon that.

a sweet, wise friend encouraged me today to come up with a loose daily schedule that would realistically both serve and work for my family.  when my friend suggested that, it was as if the light went on in my head. 

all of a sudden, i realized that we could have a schedule without feeling enslaved to it.  which is often how i feel.

i am realizing now that by having a schedule, a loose schedule, mind you, i am providing my kids with some much needed structure.  they will know what to expect and i won’t have to do so much thinking on the spot, which makes me totally crazy.

by following a plan (aka-schedule), things will get done that need to get done, and i won’t be frustrated wondering how on earth i’m going to do it all.

coming up with the schedule/plan won’t be the hard part….following it will.  however, if i look at my plan as my way of managing my home for God’s glory, i think i will be much more willing to do it.

the Bible says that God is a God of order, therefore, i believe with all of my heart that He will honor my desire  to please Him by creating a home of peace and order.  (okay, i have 5 kids, so when i say peace, i certainly don’t mean quiet…..i believe that a home can be noisy and still be peaceful…)

so this is my first step in being a better homemaker/manager of my home…i am going to look at what’s already working in our home and then build a better schedule/plan from there.

and with God’s help i am going to follow the plan.

fyi…..i have already shared my intentions with my oldest daughter (17) and have asked her to help keep me accountable in this area…believe me, she will!

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  1. March 26, 2011 8:02 am

    I, too, participated in this challenge and found that I was flying by the seat of my pants, as you said. One thing that I read on the FlyLady site was that we are to manage our schedules and not have them manage us. That’s what I’m working on. I had to laugh that you asked your 17 year old daughter to hold you accountable; I have asked my 7 year old 🙂 Blessings to you and your household as you take on this challenge!

  2. March 28, 2011 9:32 am

    Yes! God is a God of order!! A wonderful motivation! 🙂 It seems many women have struggled with following their schedule, myself included!!! We need to tackle this issue head on and form a habit.

    I’m thinking we should address this in a future post. Somehow find a way to make this happen and encourage one another. Thank you for sharing with us this week! 🙂

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