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God and Kohls……

March 13, 2011


It amazes me how God cares about even the smallest things in our lives.  The things that maybe we wouldn’t even think of praying about, yet he cares.

After finding what style of clothes work for me, i was all geared up to do some shopping.  So, it’s off to Kohls I go.  I must admit, i was a bit doubtful that i’d have much luck finding what i was looking for, but i was determined to try.

I had a mental list of the style of shirts i hoped to find, had an idea of a spring jacket that i’d like to have, but wasn’t too hopeful on finding it, and just wanted to go home with some new clothes that i felt good about.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as i began to walk through the store.  The very first shirt i set my eyes on was the EXACT style i was looking for!  and not only was it adorable, but it was ON SALE!!  i tried it on and it fit…perfectly! 

Now i was on a roll.  i begin to scour the store a bit more, only to find some adorable lightweight vests that would look great over long sleeves shirts or even a simple tee…and they came in at the wasit and flowed out in the front!  as if that wasn’t good enough, they were a great brand and they were 50% off!!!

off to the dressing room again, only to find that the vest fits perfect and does exactly what i want it to!  Praise God!

So, here i come out of the dressing room, not really looking for any one thing in particular, and what do i see right in front of me?  A TRENCH COAT!!!!  a turquoise trench that falls above the knee and has an adorable bow in the back where it falls in frills!  not only that, but it has an adorable floral design inside.  can we say “adorable?”   (never mind the fact that hubby says it looks like something from the 70’s…i’m from the 70’s and he likes me just fine!)

and get this:  IT’S ON SALE TOO!!!!!!!!!  and it fits like a charm!!!!

i could hardly believe my good fortune as i left Kohls.  i mean really, how amazing is God?  because i know for a fact that God was behind all of this.  He knew my clothing budget.  He knew my desire to honor him with how i dress.  He knew my need for some new clothes. 

and He came through.

But then again, he always does.  So why am i surprised?   🙂

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