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Closet Makeover

March 12, 2011

A good friend of mine gave me a very special gift this past week.  a closet and wardrobe makeover.  free.

i’m not kidding!

my friend is taking a class in fashion consulting and asked me if i could help her with her current assignment.  the assignment was that i would need to allow my  friend to come into my closet (gulp!) and go through ALL of my clothes and then help me to figure out what type of clothes “work” for my body shape.  the assignment would take a total of 4 hours, which we split into two afternoons, two hours each.

I will admit, i was a bit leary of doing this at first.  though i love my friend and totally trust her, i was a bit fearful to have her see my closet, to see my choice of clothing (because i am very simple), and to hear what she had to say about my “style” or lack thereof.

i shared these fears with my friend and she totally put my mind at ease.  She assured me that her desire and goal in doing this was to help me find ways to be happy with how i look and to feel good about my clothing choices.  She also knows my trouble area is my tummy (which still isn’t completely gone after losing 34 pounds…those darn abs!) and she wanted to help me find ways to dress that would complement my tummy rather than accenuate it.

So, Day One: my friend comes over and we go through all of my clothes.  we have many different piles…give away, don’t like, forgot i had, doesn’t fit (i’m pleased to say that this pile was the biggest pile because most of my clothes were too big now!  🙂   ), and don’t know how to wear it.  she then went through the “don’t know how to wear it” pile, and just by adding a jacket, scarf, or piece of jewelry, she totally changed the look of that piece of clothing!  it was amazing! 

she then put all of the “keeper” clothing back into my closet, and get this:  SHE COLOR CODED MY CLOTHES!!!!!  it looks awesome and makes picking out my clothes a snap!  i had 3 big garbage bags of clothing to give away….Goodwill, here i come!

Day 2:  My friend brings about 3 garment bags of her own clothing over for me to try on.  She had gone through her closet and picked out clothes that she felt would flatter my shape, that way i’d have an idea of what to look for when i shop for new clothes.

we had a blast as i tried on the clothes and i couldn’t believe how good it felt to like how i looked in something!  i didn’t feel like i needed to cross my arms over my tummy at all.  as a matter-of-fact, i felt great!

turns out that i do well in tops that come in at the waist and then flow out at the bottom.  by wearing something like that, it shows the size of my waist, yet totally disguises my tummy.

my friend was appalled when she found out that i NEVER wear dresses.  never even consider it!  only because i assumed there wouldn’t be a dress out there that would flatter my shape, especailly my tummy.

so what does she do?  she has me try on some dresses called “umpire dresses”.  they come in at the sides, have a band around the waist, and the rest of the dress flows away from the body.  i had never even heard of them before that day.

well, i try her dresses on and I LOVE THEM!!!!!  i actually liked how i looked in them and felt wonderful knowing that i CAN wear dresses!!  The one dress of hers that i liked the most and felt the best in, was an adorable little black, v-neck dress that fell just above the knee.  we added a cute tank under it, a long necklace, and a short denim jacket and it looked amazing!!! 

So my friend, being the tricky wonderful gal that she is, starts packing up her clothes and decides to leave that little black dress in my closet, saying, “it looks like it belongs in there.”  SHE GAVE ME THE DRESS!!!!  I couldn’t believe it.

God has done a major work in my heart over the past few years, helping me to find my satisfaction in him, rather than in what the scales say.  He has helped me to see that having a flat tummy will never bring me the satisfaction that i can only find in Him.  and He has given me an amazing husband who loves me just the way i am and makes me feel beautiful.

What my friend did this week was very precious…she helped me to see that though true beauty is found in Christ alone, there is something wonderful about enjoying the body that God has given us.  She helped me to see that God wants His daughters to feel beautiful and to use what he has given them for His glory.  Knowing how to dress to flatter your shape is a wonderful, encouraging gift. 

 And dressing to honor our King is an awesome privilege!

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