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more aware of grace….

March 8, 2011

Our pastor preached an amazing message yesterday on the topic of accessing the grace that’s available to us as followers of Christ.

As i listened to this message, i was very aware of the fact that i often go through my days trying to accomplish everything in my own strength and neglecting to access the grace that God has to offer me every moment of every day.

i walk through my days, saying things like, “i can’t do this” or “i’ll never get this done”.  i forget to cry out to God and ask him for help, because truly, He is where my help comes from.

after the service, our pastor invited people to come forward for prayer if they would like to be more aware of God’s grace in their lives.

i went up and as my care group leader prayed for me, he said some things that really stood out to me.

he prayed that God would help me to remember that He is the vine and i am the branch, and that without him, i can do nothing.  i want to write this verse down and put it where i can see it throughout my day.  what an awesome reminder of my dependence on Christ.

he also prayed that i would remember that i have nothing that God hasn’t given to me; therefore, any efforts to do things my way or in my own strength is pride…wow.  i hadn’t thought of it like that, but it’s so true!!!

and then, my sweet hubby prayed that God would help me to remember that God will never tempt me beyond what i can handle, and that when i am tempted, He will be there with me, showing me a way out.

i am so thankful for the means of grace that my church is in my life…..


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