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First time obedience…

March 5, 2011

God is still up to something in this messy, mommy heart of mine. 

He is slowly, little by little, pulling away layers and revealing to me things that he wants to change in my heart…things that will change my parenting.

Just today, i was reading Ann’s blog, and God brought to my attention a link that Ann had at the bottom of her post.  I didn’t think much of it at first, but then i read the title….First Time Obedience, Really?

this post was written by Sally Clarkson, and having read some of her writings before, i knew i had to read it.

I can’t even begin to do her justice, so i will encourage you to read this post for yourself…you won’t regret it, especially if you’re a parent.

In this post, Sally talks about the different “methods” parents use to parent their children and how every child is different and needs to be treated in a way that ministers to their unique personality.

She goes on to say that, as parents, we can often get caught up in thinking that we must require our kids to obey the first time, no matter what, and if they don’t, we must discipline them.  However, Sally’s point is this:  what about grace?  What about showing our kids the same patience and grace that our heavenly Father shows us?

what if, instead of jumping to giving our child a consequence, we stop and take the time to speak truth to that child and help them to understand what they did wrong andf why it’s wrong. 

none of this is to say that we shouldn’t require obedience of our kids…quite the opposite, as a matter-of-fact.  Sally’s point is this:  if we take the time to really know our kids, to really get their hearts, then they will be more responsive and receptive to  our training.

as i said before, i am not doing Sally justice here by attempting to explain her post to you….i would strongly encourage you to read it for yourself.

Just this morning, i was thinking that i need to have a boot camp and get these kids back on track…..but the more i think about it, the more i realize that it’s mommy that needs to get back on track.

i am so thankful to God for always knowing exactly what i need to hear and for using others as a means of grace in my life.

if you get a chance to read Sally’s post, i’d love to hear your thoughts on it…i only hope it blesses you as much as it did me.



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