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it’s school and it’s working…..

March 3, 2011


i’ve spent the majority of this school year trying to “improve” on how we’re doing school.

i keep trying new schedules/routines.  i have tried every way possible to plan, organize, and plan again…..only to end up right back to where i am right now.

i keep thinking that things should be different, but wasn’t quite sure what that different was.  until today.

as i was trying to do reading with two of my kids, i had my youngest asking me 50 questions, my oldest asking for help, and my 2nd oldest working on her math.  i felt completely frazzled, yet somehow, we managed to get school all done.

when we stopped for “recess”, i found myself thinking back over the morning.  all 4 schoolers got their school work done, and i managed to fit it reading time with my two newest readers.  in my book, that’s a successful school day around here.

it then occurred to me that i’ve spent most of this school year having a very unrealistic view of what i think our school days should look like.  without me even realizing it, we were getting school done, everyday, and the kids were learning a lot.

maybe it hasn’t been my “ideal” of what i “thought” school should look like….such as perfectly behaved children who sit quietly (and still, of course) at the dining room table while joyfully (as if it would ever be any other way!) doing all of their school work.  nobody would be poking their siblings, nobody would be constantly telling their siblings to look at the page they themselves just read, nobody would be giggling at another sibling’s comments. and absolutely nobody would disobey mommy and refuse to do the activity mommy chose for them…did i say nobody?

so yeah, maybe it’s not my ideal…..but as i now see, my ideal wasn’t realistic at all.  and my ideal wasn’t my family.  not in the least. 

and while i can honestly say that there are a few things i know i need to change in our school day–such as scheduled activites for a certain blue-eyed 4-year-old who seems to have a drastic need right when mommy is in the middle of a reading lesson–i wouldn’t really change anything else. 

 what we’re doing works for us.  my kids are used to it and they’re doing well.

what more could this mommy ask for?


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  1. March 5, 2011 6:09 am

    Hi Patty,

    Your school days remind me a lot of mine! 🙂 I would love the kids to get school done quietly and joyfully, but that just isn’t realistic most days, especially with a 2yr. old and an almost 4yr. old running around. Even so, I continue to be thankful that we CAN home school our children, crazy days or not.

    I also wanted to let you know that I emailed you about the blog design! Sorry it took so long.


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