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March 2, 2011


it’s so easy for me to get frustrated with the negative patterns i see in my kids.  i often find myself shocked at their behavior (sin) and wondering “why on earth can’t they just be done with that particualr sin already??!”

i can easily see their sin. their disobedience.  and yet, i fail to see mine.

quite frankly, more often than not, when i’m seeing a negative pattern of behavior in my kids, it’s MY heart that needs changing moreso than theirs.

because when i take a good hard look at what pattern i’m seeing in them, i can usually see where I have been failing to teach or correct in that very same area.  not always, but more often than not.

i was listening to a message today by Steve Bice from Sovereign Grace Fellowship.  Steve did a remarkable job of reminding parents what their God-given responsiblities are.  He helped me to see that, when i fail to train and discipline mykids, i am disobeying God.  I am disobeying God.  wow.  i honestly need to relisten to this message weekly.  i’m serious.

because for whatever reason, i am tempted to let certain things slide with mykids, only because i don’t want to deal with it.  i don’t want the inconvenience of having to deal with it.

but, as Steve helped parents to see in this message, parents are called by God to train their kids in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  it’s not an option.  it’s a command.

and when we fail to obey God’s command, we are training our kids towards disobedience and to live in rebellion against a holy God.

i know that it’s easy for all of us, as parents, to slack in certain areas.  we’re human.  that’s why we need our Savior, every moment of every day to give us the conviction and the strength that we need to follow his commands.

while it’s hard to hear messages like this, because of the fact that i am deeply convicted, at the same time i am thankful for the conviction, because it is proof that God is working in me.  He’s changing this heart of mine, little by little.

i’ve heard it said many, many times that when we are walking through difficult seasons in our parenting, God is often after something in our hearts moreso than he is our kids.  He uses these sweet babies to reveal our sin to us and to help us to want to change so that we can be the mommies that God wants us to be.

i can sometimes be ashamed when i hear a message like the one i listened to today.  ashamed because i am once again being made aware of my weaknesses as a mommy.  but today, i am choosing to see this as an opportunity to grow.  i am choosing to thank God for bringing this to my attention and for loving me enough to allow me to come across a message that was helpful and convicting at the same time.

if you’re a mommy, where do you feel God wanting to grow you and make you more like Him?


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