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my soul waits…..

March 1, 2011

i’ve been hanging out in Psalms 130 the past couple of days.  funny thing is, i just “happened” across it.  wasn’t looking it up at all.  i just opened my bible to look up something else, and for some Reason, i felt compelled to read it.

verse 5 says,

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,

and in His word I hope;

God has been up to something in my heart lately, mainly regarding my parenting.  i’m still not sure what exactly He’s up to, but i know He’s up to something. He’s bringing certain passages to my attention, causing me to marvel at what i read.

He’s given me new convictions in areas that i am excited about, though i can be tempted to feel inadequate to change in those areas, forgetting that He Who called me to the changes, WILL give me exactly what i need.

this Psalm has helped me to see that it is in His Word that I have hope.  It is His Word that will bring the change i long to see in my parenting.

it is His Word that will change the hearts of my sweet kids and give them the desire to obey.  I need to plant the seed by training them, disciplining them, and by being an authentic godly example to them.  not a perfect example, but an authentic example.

God will take the seeds that i have planted and He will cultivate them.  He will shape these little lives and He will bless my obedience.

One of the things that God has brought to my attention lately, is the NEED for God’s Word in our home.  Not just in the kids school work and not just on Sundays, but daily.  In times of correction.  In times of play.  In times of working out conflict. I try so hard to teach my kids Truth, yet i fail to bring the Word of God before them and show them where that Truth is coming from.

Just as i feed my kids physical nourishment each day, i need to be giving them Spiritual nourishment as well.  i want the Word of God to be as familiar to them as sitting down for meals each day.  i want them to hunger for this Life-giving Word and i want them to see that same hunger in me.

So, as i said before, I don’t know exactly what God’s up to in this heart of mine, but i know that it’s good, and i know that He who began a good work in me will bring it to completion.

In the meantime, I will continue to wait on the Lord……


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