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just another day?????

February 25, 2011

it seems that we had a very wet night at our house last night.   i vaguely remember hearing my sweet hubby get up during the night and when he came back to bed he told me that someone had “leaked” and their covers were soaked.( a.k.a–the laundry basket is now full of dirty bedding.)  as i snuggle back under the covers, i think to myself, “great.  i just got all the laundry done yesterday and NOW i will have a basket of laundry waiting for me when i get up.”

it’s now 6:00 a.m..  still a bit dark outside.  i’m still in bed.  i hear sweet hubby getting ready and then realize he’s out in the hall–and there’s a PILE of bedding on the hall floor.  “surely NOT” i think to myself.  hubby comes back in the room and informs me that there was another leak by another unnamed individual.  So now, not only will the laundry basket be FULL, but it will be overflowing.  and wet.  and smelly.

i lay there for a few minutes thinking to myself that my day is already overwhelming and that i should just stay in bed.  because you know that, if i were to stay in bed, the laundry would miraculously disappear, right?  one can wish,anyway. as i got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, there was certainly the temptation to grumble.  and as i walked my hubby to the door and kissed him good-bye, and saw the mountain of wet bedding waiting for me there in the laundry room, there was definitely a temptation to complain.

 i ran through a “list” of reasons why this can’t be happening, things like, “I’ve been sick ALL week and now i have to deal with THIS”, or “i just woke up and THIS is what i have to face FIRST THING?!”, or …….and the list went on and on and on.

i decided to heat up my Chai and meet with the Lord, because you and i both know I NEED TO!

and as i sat there, reading Scripture and praying, He met me

He opened my eyes to see his Strength and reminded me that “my help comes from the Lord.”  that “apart from Him i can do nothing”

He helped me to see that this doesn’t have to be “just another day”, but that i can CHOOSE what kind of day it’s going to be.  that MY attitude can set the mood for my family and help determine what kind of a day we will have.

He sweetly reminded me that my happiness is NOT dependent on my circumstances, but that my happiness depends on my trust in Him. 

i can choose joy, even when i don’t feel it.

instead of complaining about the mountain of laundry, i can THANK God that we have a washer and dryer that works and that we have sweet babies who still have “leaks” sometimes.

i want God to grow me in this way.  I want to see more of Him in my circumstances.  i want to look for ways to please Him through the trials.  i want to ask Him what He’s trying to teach me through my circumstances.

instead of making it about ME, i want to make it about HIM.


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  1. February 25, 2011 8:47 am

    Thanks for the reminder that our happiness is not dependent on our circumstances but on our trust in the Lord!

  2. February 25, 2011 12:15 pm

    And don’t forget a hubby who actually took care of it in the middle of the night! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and such a nice post to read when I got here. It is easy to get wrapped up in the little things, especially when you aren’t feeling well. Praying you feel all better soon!

  3. Rebecca permalink
    February 25, 2011 6:56 pm

    I am laughing & crying as I had to deal with this the past two mornings! Perspective is everything! Didn’t seem to bother me as much the 2nd morning & my day went better with a humble & content heart! Your honesty & godly perspective are an encouragement!! ❤

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