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February 22, 2011


Joyful Mothering

I am so thankful to Christin over at Joyful Mothering for posing this week’s HOMEmakers challenge.

As i looked over our old schedule–which i realized i hadn’t been following, at all–i realized that not having some sort of a routine/schedule/plan in place was the main cause of the chaos i find myself in way to often in my home.

i’m sure it’s also the reason i find myself getting resistance from my kids when i ask them to help out.

without a consistent plan to follow, they don’t know what to expect.

i spent a good part of my morning tweaking and making the necesary(and realistic) changes to our schedule and came up with a plan that i feel will bless our family and help things to run more smoothly.

  • 5:00 am~ Patty:  devotions
  • 5:30 ~ Patty:exercise
  • 6:00~Patty: shower
  • 7:00 ~ kids up, Patty: make breakfast
  • 7:30~breakfast
  • 8:00 ~Patty: start laundry, Savannah:clean up breakfast, littles: morning chores
  • 8:30~ Bible reading~ ALL
  • 9:00~Patty: Phonics with Noah, Savannah:morning school(9-11:00), Kaitlin: play w/Matthew, Noah: Phoncis w/Mom, Gabrielle: coloring page, Matthew: Play with Kaitlin
  • 9:30~ Patty: Phonics with Gabrielle, Kaitlin: Math, Noah: play w/Matthew, Gabrielle: Phonics w/Mom, Matthew: Play with Noah
  • 10:00~ Patty: character training w/Matthew, Kaitlin: Language, Noah: Math, Gabrielle: Math, Matthew: w/Mom
  • 10:30~ Patty: check school work, Kaitlin: Science, Handwriting, Noah: Handwriting, Gabrielle& Matthew: Leap Frog DVD
  • 11:00~Patty: Phone calls, laundry, Kids: breaktime–outside or basement(11-12:00)
  • 11:30~Patty:make lunch, dinner prep
  • 12:00~ lunch, memory verses
  • 12:30~ Savannah: lunch clean up, everyone else: 10-minute tidy, read for 20 minutes
  • 1-2:30~ Patty: blog,plan,etc, Savannah: afternoon school, Kaitlin&Noah:afternoon activities, Gabrielle&Matthew:nap
  • 2:30~Patty:check school work, Savannah: exercise, Kaitlin& Noah:fold & put away laundry, Gabrielle& Matthew:DVD
  • 3:00~ALL:snack&tidy house
  • 3:30~ ALL: cleaning chores
  • 4:00~ Patty: plan for tomorrow, Kids: outside
  • 4:30-5:30~ Patty:Ab work,catch up,  Savannah: room/homework, Littles: Computer time
  • 5:30~ Patty: start dinner, Savannah:computer, Littles: room time
  • 6:00~ Patty:finish dinner, Littles: toys away, dvd/or help mom on their day
  • 6:30~ ALL: dinner
  • Baths:  Boys: Tu,Fr    Girls:We, Sa
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  1. February 23, 2011 3:19 pm

    Thanks for sharing your schedule! I was just thinking that I needed to redo mine. Thanks for giving me that final push. 🙂

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