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What’s God up to now? :)

February 19, 2011

i love when i can tell that God is up to something, yet i can’t exactly put my finger on it.

He’ll start stirring something in my heart, causing me to see things in a different light.

Then He’ll allow me to hear something that causes that stirring in my heart to get stronger, even maybe causing me to “squirm” a bit.

 often He will allow me to come across a blog or email that, again, relates to what’s already stirring in my heart.  and that’s when i begin to feel that He is confirming for me what it is He’s “up to” in my heart.

lately, God has been changing my heart regardng my parenting.  i’ll be honest here, and tell you right up front that consistency is something i struggle with in my parenting. 

i will seem to be on top of things for a while and then the next thing i know i have little ones who are “melting” into a heap when i tell them to do something. 

or i will notice a pattern of me repeating myself, not just once, but numerous times.  and the last few times i’m repeating what i’m trying to say, i am raising my voice…actually, yelling would be a more accurate description.

i can often find myself feeling discouraged over this pattern of inconsistency, wondering why i fail so much in this area.  and it’s around that time when God starts revealing things to me.

it’s around this time that He starts stirring up my heart, allowing me to hear just the right sermons, and causing me to read just the right blogs.  He knows exactly what i need to hear, and uses each of those things to speak right to my heart.

I love this about God… that He knows even before i do, exactly what i need to hear.

I’m excited, because next week, Christin, over at Joyful Mothering is doing a HOMEmakers challenge next week.

She is challenging moms to share their area of struggle in thier parenting, or homemaking, and to challenge themselves to make some changes that will benefit not only the mommies, but their families as well.

i’m excited to hear other moms share what God has been doing in their hearts regarding their homemaking(a.k.a parenting) and i can’t wait to hear what changes they are challenging themselves to, in response to God’s prompting.

God is so faithful to use the challenges and growth of others to encourage and inspire fellow believers. 

i would encourage you to take some time next week and visit Christin’s site…..she is encouraging other moms to link up with her next week, so there will be lots to learn!!!  Hope to see you there!


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