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Hidden Blessings

February 17, 2011

 Rachel, over at A Steady Rain, is going to be doing a special series next week titled,

Hidden Blessings

I’ve  been following A Steady Rain for quite some time and am always encouraged and inspired every time i read.

I’m especially excited about this series though….

Rachel has asked different women to share hidden blessings that they have found through trials in their lives.  Things that they maybe didn’t even see God doing in them until they were on the other side of the trial.

i submitted a post rearding how God used my dad’s Alzheimers diagnosis and the years following to grow me in ways that i never imagined.  Rachel has decided to use my post in her upcoming series.

i was hesitant to submit my story because i was afraid that maybe people wouldn’t want to hear my story or that maybe what i had to say wasn’t good enough.

but then i realized that sharing what God has done in my life could very possibly help someone else who is struggling, maybe even struggling with the loss of a parent.

i believe that the enemy wants us to keep quiet about the victories in our lives, about the ways God has grown us, and so i decided to set aside my fears and submit my testimony.

i would encourage you to visit A Steady Rain next week and the let the Lord use the stories shared there to encourage you and meet you right where you are.



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