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He’s faithful, time and time again…

February 7, 2011

God never ceases to amaze me.  he shows up when i least expect it, giving me exactly what i need.

it’s easy for me to sometimes consider skipping my time with the Lord, thinking that i could get so much other stuff done in those quiet hours of the morning while everyone else sleeps.

and i probably could get a lot done, but what about my soul? 

do those “other things” really matter in comparison to having sweet fellowship with my Creator, the Lover of my soul?

will marking those other things off of my “to-do” list bring me lasting satisfaction?  will they fill me with living water and give me something to hold onto as i go about my day?

i’m not at all saying that by skipping a quiet time here and there that someone is sinning against God.  God doesn’t keep track, marking off the days we do spend time with him, and holding it against us on the days we don’t.

Jude verses 20-21 say this,

but you, beloved, build yourselves up in your most holy faith; pray in the Holy Spirit; keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life. 

how else will i build up my faith, unless i’m spending time with the One Who is the Perfector of my faith?

how do i keep myself in the Love of God, unless i am allowing God to pour his Love into me.

how do i wait for the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, unless i take the time to wait before the Lord, sit at his feet, and allow him to speak to me.

it means sitting still long enough to hear that still small voice, that voice that changes my heart and stills my soul.

i have recently had the privilege of coming across Christin from Joyful Mothering.  Her blog is so inspiring and she always says something that God uses to speak right to my heart.

her post this morning is what inspired me to write my post here today…i would encourage you to head over to Joyful Mothering and read her post for today.  it’s called As the Day Begins…..


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