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One thousand gifts…..

January 26, 2011

i can’t go another day without sharing about something that God has brought my way and i want you all to share in it as well.

many of you have probably heard of ann voskamp .  she has a wonderful blog called a holy experience….and let me tell you, every post she writes IS a holy experience for those who read it.  God has definitely given her a way with words.

last week, ann’s first book was released, One Thousand gifts: a dare to live fully right where you are.   can i just say that this book is simply amazing?

it’s not a book that you can just sit down and read from front to back.   not at all.  it is a book that you can only read a little at a time, allowing yourself the time to process what you read.  i am finding that i even feel the need to journal about what i read, because it is truly life changing.

in this book, one thousand gifts, ann shares her life story, revealing the trauma she endured in her childhood and the way God has used that trauma (and others) to reveal to her what he really wants from her…from all of us: 




i’ve only read the first 2 chapters of this book, and already i feel the Lord using it to change me heart and to challenge my mind.

i can honestly say that i see this book as a tool that God is going to use to change the hearts and lives of those who read it.  i read the reviews of those who read it on kindle when it first came out before the actual hard copy…their lives were changed.

i will continue to share with you what i learn as i slowly walk through this book, and i would encourage you to buy the book if at all possible.  i know amazon had it for $10…’s well worth the money.

one thing that i know i want to implement from reading the first 2 chapters of the book is ann’s practice of keeping a joy journal.  she write down things that she is thankful for, which helps her to cultivate a heart of gratitude.

i would like to start doing that here on my blog.  i know that when i read ann’s list on her posts, it fills my heart with gratitude just reading what she’s thankful for.

i’m not sure what this will look like yet, wether or not it will be a daily list, or a bi-weekly list, but it is something i defnintely want to do. 

please feel free to leave a comment when you see those lists, sharing anything that you are thankful for as well……



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  1. January 26, 2011 3:04 pm

    I just read the first chapter of her book online, and all I can say is WOW! The Lord has blessed her with a wonderful ability to write, and I look forward to ordering her book so I can keep reading!

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