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thankful for the love of my life….

January 18, 2011

i had the privilege of going on a date with my wonderful husband last night, and i enjoyed every minute of it.

as we were out last night, i found myself just marveling at God’s kindness in giving me this wonderful man to spend my life with.  he is truly a gift to me, one that i am so unworthy of.

one of the things i love most about greg is the selfless way that he cares for me.  he is always thinking of me first and is always looking for ways to serve me.

as we sat down to dinner last night, the first thing he says to me is, “so have you had anything on your mind lately that you’d like to talk about?”  i love this about him, because it shows me that he cares about my thoughts and feelings, and that he is looking out for my good.

we talked, and talked, and talked.  and believe it or not, i wasn’t the one doing all the talking…honest, you can ask greg!  🙂

i was able to share some school concerns with him and he listened to my concerns and lovingly shared his thoughts with me, putting my mind at ease.

we talked about our parenting and came up with some ways to help our home run more smoothly.

i love the fact that i can say anything to this man and he will listen, carefully consider what i said, and lovingly share his thoughts with me, without judgment or criticism.

i still look forward to our dates now as much as i did before we were married, and the very thought of him brings a smile to my face.

the way i feel about my husband is no accident. no. these feelings are a gift from God.  God has given us this marriage and because of our love for him, we continue to grow in our love for each other.

marriage is a precious gift and i thank God for blessing me with a man who i admire and love more than life itself.

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  1. Carolyn Johnson permalink
    January 18, 2011 9:02 pm

    What a wonderful way to see the relationship you have, it’s a gift from God that we could never truly be worthy of…..I love this! How truly blessed you both are and what a wonderful thing it is that you are willing to share this beauty and blessedness with all of your friends. God bless you both!

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