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Hanging on tightly…

January 15, 2011

“tis the season” has been my motto this winter as the kids have had one cold after the other, with maybe a two week break in between.

For the past 2 weeks the kids have had a yucky virus with loads of snot…and i mean LOADS.  i don’t think i’ve ever seen so much snot~makes you want to hop in your car and come right over, now doesn’t it?  🙂  most of them are all better, but i still have one who has a ways to go.

with this most recent virus, i have been doing a lot of thinking and have come to realize that God has really done a work in me regarding my kid’s health. 

up until Christmas 2009, we had 5 years straight of sickness on Christmas.  it was crazy.  it was annoying.  and it frustrated me like you wouldn’t believe. 

{ it even became an idol to me……}

you see, i then became a mommy who was so obssessed with my kid’s health that i would contemplate skipping church, “just so we won’t be exposed to any sickness”. because you know that germs are only spread at church, right?  🙂

 at the first sign of a runny nose, i had them pegged with ear infection, found myself angry with sickness in general, and  found myself trying to pinpoint who was to blame for spreading germs to my kids.

it was around this time, a couple of years ago, that God started doing a work in me.  He helped me to see sickness for what it is: sickness, and that it’s unavoidable for the most part. 

he helped me to see that i was trying to control wether or not my kids would get sick, when the conrol really belongs to Someone else…God.

So, as i’ve pondered this recent bout of sickness, i am aware of how very much God has grown me in this area.  i haven’t been fretting over this sickness at all.  i haven’t spent all week angry over the fact that we may have to miss church next Sunday because of some kids are still sick.  and most of all, i haven’t been trying to pin the blame on anybody.

rather, i have been keenly aware of the fact that my kids don’t belong to me, they belong to God. Every breath they take is a gift from God and every minute i have with them is again a gift from God.

you see, when i was hanging on so tightly to my kids a few years back, trying to “control” wether or not they got sick, i was in fact, trying to be God.

i am so thankful to God for growing me in this area of trusting Him to know what’s best for me and my family.

thank you God, for teaching me this very important lesson:

{the tighter i hold onto God, the less tightly i feel the need to hold onto other things.}

what are you holding onto today?





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  1. January 17, 2011 12:28 pm

    Oh my I know the feeling! This year I was determined that my kids were not going to get that nasty stomach flu. They get it every year b/w the end of December and the first week of January. So I got a little crazy with hand washing. Well, not really. I just made sure everyone was doing it when they were supposed to (like after going to the bathroom and before meals).

    And for the first time in 9 years, I GOT THE FLU!!

    But you know what, as I prayed for my children’s health every night, none of them ever got the stomach flu, OR the regular flu (so far). I’m continuing to pray. But like you said, we can’t be fearful. Unfortunately, getting sick is a part of this [now] sinful world.

    Not that we shouldn’t take precautions, but yea, getting obsessive can be a problem, I know that!

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