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Feeling Fabulous at 40!

January 4, 2011

i turned 40 last week, and i must say, this has been the most pampered and enjoyable birthday i’ve ever had. 

it started with having a small celebration with my sweet hubby and kids on my actual birthday (the 30th).  greg brought home my favorite pizza, stuffed cheese and pepperoni from giordonos and my favorite chocolate cake from portillos. we had a wonderful evening just enjoying each other and eating, and eating, and eating……

then on sunday,Jan.2nd, greg threw a 40th birthday party for me.  we invited some of our closest friends from the past and present and just had a wonderful evening of fellowship.  we had portillos beef AND a yummy chocolate cake from sams, and lots of goodies.  and again, we ate and ate and ate!  (good news is, i didn’t gain any weight over the holidays!!  phew!)

it was so fun having friends here from many different seasons of my life.  it was such a blessing having my college roommate and her family here…it was wierd to think that julie, spencer, and i have known each other for over 20 years now.  and seeing them again was just like old times.

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 many friends from our church came, sacrificing the bears game to come and hang out with me!  having them here was such a sweet reminder of the gift that our church is to us.  these people have walked with us through good times and bad, and have always been there for us, loving us and accepting us just as we are.

my sweet hubby was amazing…..he ordered all the food, bought all the supplies, did all the decorating, AND helped clean the house so that this party would be special for me. 

i am so thankful to God for the gift of friendship and for the sweet friends he has given to me, not to mention the amazing husband and kids he has given me as  well.

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