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a most beautiful day…..

December 27, 2010

today turned out so completely different than i expected.  the morning started out with me being able to sleep in, all cuddled up with my wonderful hubby.

i then got around and went off to my allergy appointment as greg left for a late morning meeting close by.  he wasn’t sure if he’d be going in to work after the meeting, so said he’d call and let me know. 

i hadn’t heard from him by the time my appointment was over, so i went on with my errands, only to receive a surprise call from him, saying that he was close by and wanted to meet me for lunch!!  i actually felt giddy as i drove to chipotle to meet him….unexpectedly meeting my handsome husband in the middle of the day…i must admit, i felt a bit like i was being naughty!  🙂

we had a nice lunch together and then went from there to—are you ready for this?—Vera Bradley Outlet!  my wonderful husband willingly went there with me so that i could spend a gift certificate. here he was, surrounded by women as crazed as me by the many different types of handbags in the store!  he patiently walked around with me as i tried to make up my mind.  i settled on an adorable wallet and happily left the store on the arm of this wonderful man. 

we did a bit more shopping there at the outlet mall and then went on to another store so greg could look for boots. 

all in all, it was a wonderful, amazing day.  throughout the day, i kept  thinking to myself how very blessed i am to have this wonderful man in my life.  He is a gift from God, a gift that i am so unworthy of, yet am so very grateful for. 

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  1. December 27, 2010 10:15 pm

    How kind of the Lord to give you such a wonderful day with your hubby – especially right before tax season is about to start! And he took you to the Vera Bradley outlet too? That’s impressive!

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